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learn what anxiety is and what to do about it!

is one of these you?

  • You live in constant fear of having a panic attack.
  • You have a phobia - you dread the dentist or you can't go in lifts.
  • You constantly worry about, "What if...?"
  • You would love to go somewhere exotic on holiday but you're terrified of flying.
  • You've been in an accident and now keep getting reminders that take you right back there.
  • You just feel worried and afraid most of the time but can't work out why.
  • You feel you MUST do certain things in a certain way or something bad might happen.

These are just a few of the ways in which anxiety can wreck lives. There are many more. Is one of the following you - or are you all of them?

worry over CBT homework

You have tried therapy such as CBT - but the homework was just one more thing to worry about!

feeling doped on medication

Medication makes you  feel 'doped' and only works as long as you keep taking it. It doesn't 'cure' anxiety.

breathing techniques not working

You learnt breathing techniques but they don't always work and you still get anxious.

envy of those without a care

You see people who haven't a care in the  world and you envy them… You are afraid it will always be like this...

What can you expect to find on this website?

All the information for understanding what anxiety is, how it comes about and what to do about it is here on this website. But maybe you don't want to have to trawl through the pages to put it together for yourself.

In that case you may be interested in my new online course?

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Overcome Anxiety the Feelgood Way
Stop Struggling with Anxiety

But if you want to work it out for yourself, or you just want a bit of information about some aspect of anxiety, this is what you will find in these pages:



All the anxiety-related problems described on this site have the same mechanism at their core. Understand that and the way forward becomes much clearer. It also becomes do-able, day by day and step by step.

Understanding comes before techniques if they are to be meaningful and successful. As you work your way through the information contained here you will come to see why. 



(Problems - Symptoms, Disorders, Panic Attacks, Common Phobias, Specific Phobias, Fear of Fear )

Anxiety is a basic human emotion that has been trained by the unsuspecting human so that it has developed into a problem.

There are many different ways in which this anxiety shows up, but despite all these different presentations, the basic cause is still the same.

Reading through the various anxiety-related problem descriptions may help you put a name to yours. But naming it alone won't help get rid of it. To do that you need to understand how it came about and then unlearn it again.



(Solutions - Treatments, Self Help, Techniques, Mindfulness, Meditations, ACT)

When seeking help for anxiety most people look for ways to stop or reduce it. They try one treatment after another but none of them seem to stop it in the long term.

In reality just about any of the common treatment approaches DO work but people fail to actually do what is advised.



(About Me, My Story)

Although I'm a psychologist I too have been there, done that and… I got over it for good. My own experiences gave me the opportunity to study first-hand what worked and why. 

I found there were times when I knew very well what I should be doing to unlearn my panic but I couldn't bring myself to do it there and then. I also caught myself kidding myself that I was doing what I knew I should and wondering why it wasn't working. Then in the end I realised that I hadn't actually really been doing it, but had been cheating and allowing myself off the hook.

I know it's scary to really do what the professionals say you must. I'm a professional and even I cheated for many years. But in the end I had to front up and practise what I preached in order to get my life back - for good.


If you are looking for a quick fix I'm not offering that.  Anxiety isn't a virus or an illness which just attacks a person at random. Anxiety is always the result of thinking habits, although many of these have been learnt unintentionally.

The only way to get rid of a bad habit of any kind once and for all is to unlearn it. To do this will require you to keep at it just as you would with any other habit you wanted to get rid of. But if you do, you will get the rewards. Any quick fix will not be a lasting fix. A slow and steady fix will be once and for all.

If you do it step by step it doesn't become overwhelming, and it still works!

Promise yourself that from this moment on each day will take you a little bit closer to becoming the person you truly want to be - Baby Steps.

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