Anxiety Symptoms and Anxiety Disorders

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This page represents a sitemap of pages relating to common anxiety symptoms and also those which describe common psychiatric disorders which feature anxiety. Please go to the relevant pages for more detail of each.

Common Anxiety Symptoms

Symptoms of anxiety vary from person to person depending on how it first became a problem. There is an overview of this on this page which also gives links to other pages describing 12 of the more common anxiety symptoms.

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Anxiety Disorders

This page has links to more information about 4 common disorders which feature anxiety:

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Panic Disorder

This page gives an overview of panic disorder as a diagnosis. It explains how and why panic attacks become a problem.

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Overcoming Panic Attacks

This page describes how to go about overcoming panic attacks using the Feelgood Way.

Overview of Fears and Phobias

Phobias develop as a result of the way in which we respond to our anxiety triggers. This page considers the main types of phobia and gives links to more detail about each of these.

Specific Phobias

These phobias relate to a fear of one thing in particular. The sufferer doesn't necessarily show a great deal of anxiety about other aspects of life. There are pages about some of the more common specific phobias and advice as to how to apply the Feelgood Way to addressing these.

Non-specific Phobias

This is a group of phobias which do not relate to a particular situation or thing. They are often referred to as "fear of fear" because the focus of the sufferer's fear is of having a panic attack in a public place and embarrassing themselves in some way. For many there's even a dread of passing out and being carted off in an ambulance.

For this reason many of those with this type of fear are better when accompanied by someone they trust because they know that should they panic, that person will ensure that they do not become the centre of attention of well-meaning helpers.

The two main groups of non-specific phobia are:

Common Anxiety Treatments

This page briefly describes the treatments commonly offered for anxiety disorders except for those that are based around Mindfulness (which is dealt with elsewhere on this site in it's own section)

There is more detail about each of the above problems on the dedicated pages. This page is here simply to provide a sitemap overview of the topics available.

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