"Can't Meditate, Won't Meditate"

Mindfulness in Odd Moments

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  • Do you often feel stressed?
  • Does the pace of life sometimes just feel too fast — as if it's all rushing along as you try and keep up?
  • Do you find yourself wondering where the days, months, years have gone?
  • Do you feel as if you're on a treadmill that you don't really want to be on but don't see any other option?
  • Are you living the life you really want to live? Or do you have a constant sense of feeling that if you can just get past the next bit of your life then things will change or get easier, and then you can start to have more of the life you really want to be having?

The problem we all have in the Western world is with our thinking habits and basic beliefs. But, because these have been instilled in us as we've grown up, we aren't usually aware of them. Yet it is these habits and beliefs which cause us stress, rather than what is actually happening!

  • Would you like to become aware of these and maybe change them to you advantage? Then read on . . .

Have you heard about mindfulness? Is mindfulness being offered at your place of work? If it isn't already it possibly soon will be. Suddenly it's everywhere.

Did you try it? If not, why? Was it because . . .

  • It has come your way but you didn't sign up because it all sounded a bit too hippy and sixties for you . . . ?
  • You thought it was all very well but you just didn't have time for all that meditation?
  • You tried it . . . and gave up because you couldn't do the meditations!
  • Or, perhaps you felt self-conscious sitting with others and 'just being'?
  • Perhaps you felt you'd never get the hang of it because your mind kept wandering and you just couldn't keep it on the job in hand?
  • You just didn't have the patience?

If it came you way but you didn't do it for whatever reason, do you now feel a bit cheated because mindfulness is being hailed as the new approach to feeling better about yourself and your life but you just can't do it? Or did you never dare try?

Mindfulness has been shown to help with stress and anxiety. There is also evidence that it can reduce the incidence of depressive episodes in those who tend to have them.

Do you like the idea  but you just can't bring yourself to do it?

Help is here!

This book is based on techniques which have proved do-able for a group of people who usually find such activities quite difficult to engage with (in terms of focusing and learning new things) — those with serious mental illness.

This group tends to have lower levels of concentration and higher levels of anxiety, due to their illnesses, than the average population. Therefore, if they can learn it like this, it can work for you too.

This approach will show you that mindfulness is so much more than meditation.

It takes you step by step through basic aspects of the theory and shows you how to effortlessly incorporate it into everyday life.

For the method described in this book:

  • You don't need to set aside a special period of time each day to practise.
  • You don't have to just sit and meditate for lengthy periods.

Once these simple teachings are understood and implemented in your life, you will wonder why nobody told you about it before.

This book will enable you to get a good grasp of the basics easily and without hassle so that, if you come to find that it really is for you, you will be able to progress to more advanced learning.

On the other hand, you may find that you are doing just fine with what this book alone has taught you.

The book is available from Amazon either in a print version or as an ebook for Kindle or iPad.
Please note that the print version only has the images in black and white. They are in colour in electronic versions.

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