Why it's Important to Understand
the Cause of Anxiety

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Understanding the cause of anxiety, what it is and where it comes from, makes it possible to overcome or gain control of it for good. If you have tried to beat it and failed in the past, this is the reason why.

Problem anxiety is the result of allowing the normal fear response to get out of hand.

Nobody intends this to happen - why would they?

It happens because we don't know we're doing it. That's why we need to understand the cause of it, so we can stop doing whatever it is and get rid of the troublesome anxiety for good.

A major cause of anxiety is not dealing with it in the early stages

Unfortunately, when the anxiety is still fairly mild and we're still calling it "worry" or starting to avoid putting ourselves in a situation where we feel uncomfortable, we don't really do anything about it.

We don't realise, at this stage, that this could be the start of something far worse if we don't sort it. 

Consider the following example:

1. The man is not aware that there is a problem developing because he is still able to carry on as normal

man watching tv unaware roof is leaking

At first we may not even be aware of our anxieties developing because they don't get in the way of what we want to do each day.

2. The first sign of possible trouble, but only a hint. Maybe the man doesn't realise how serious it could become? Or maybe he just can't be bothered to do anything about it because he can still watch TV.  

leak from roof drips on man's head as he watches tv

We notice we don't feel completely comfortable at certain times - maybe in some places or doing certain things...

3. The man either doesn't do anything about the leak because he doesn't understand how serious the consequences may be, or he can't face it so he ignores it and finds a temporary solution.

man puts bcket under leak in roof and continues watching tv

So we start using coping mechanisms. We don't do those things if we can avoid them. But we still fail to think about why we might be having these anxiety feelings or do anything about them.

4. But the problem has now grown so big that he can no longer ignore it. What might have been a simple fix at the start is now a major building repair. Now the man is unable to think clearly because he needs it sorted NOW!

roof collapses while man watches tv

Then one day we find that the anxieties are ruling our lives and we no longer have the freedom to live normally. That's when we start to struggle.

Struggling to get rid of anxiety always makes it worse!

This is because struggle is a negative emotion and so whilst struggling you are actually increasing your fear levels (more detail about this in the pages that follow)

(There is a way to get rid of anxiety without struggle but you must understand why this works first. If you're impatient you could always sign up for my online course.)

Because people often don't realise the need to deal with anxiety when it's still fairly mild, it just gets worse each time it's experienced. 

The worse the anxiety gets, the more the person struggles to stop it and fails. Each failure is the cause of more anxiety. And so it goes on...

When someone is experiencing very severe anxiety they may need some temporary help, often in the form of medication, to bring it down to a level where they can work on it therapeutically. Then, when they are feeling calmer, they can learn better ways of coping in the future.

Sadly, once over the worst, many sufferers just don't want to know - until the next time. This is a big mistake.

Why don't we all have anxiety problems?

We are all created with the same basic mechanics. As an example, imagine 4 cars coming off a production line...

cars coming off the production line are identical

As they come off the production line they are almost identical, they have the same mechanics inside.

If you were to find those 4 cars ten years on you would find many differences between them depending on the way they had been driven, the things that had happened to them, etc.

We are like that where our emotional reactions are concerned and anxiety is an emotional reaction.

We are all created with the same basic mechanisms. What then happens to us during our everyday lives and what we learn from it can make us very different from one another.

The various experiences we have in our lives and how we respond to these, shape who we become and how we keep reacting to what happens to us.

It is well worth the time and effort it takes to learn about and fully understand the cause of anxiety. Once it all makes sense you will be able to cope more effectively with your anxieties and fears. You will also understand how to reduce them and also how to avoid adding any more  in the future.

Just doing something to reduce the symptoms without understanding the mechanisms behind them will not necessarily teach you how to cope with other future anxieties which may come about under very different circumstances. 

To fully understand the cause of anxiety and to make sense of my way of overcoming it as described on this site, you need to work through the pages in this section in the right order.

At the foot of each page is a link to the next page in the sequence. For those who simply want to check back on something there is a link to each page in this section below.

So the next step is to learn about the six factors involved in the learning of an anxiety habit. The first of these is the Arousal System.

Below are links to each of the six factors in turn which can be studied on this site. Alternatively you can opt to receive these as a brief FREE 8-day email course.

Because it is vital to understand the six factors involved in the cause of anxiety if you are ever to successfully get the better of anxiety issues, I have created a short email course based on the six factors involved in the cause of anxiety. 

This course is FREE in return for signing up to receive occasional updates from Anxaid. Over eight days it leads you step by step through the six factors and is easier than trawling through the pages on this website as the emails can be read anywhere at any time or printed out for reference.

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