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At the moment there are three types of downloads available here - Introductions and Calm Scene descriptions as well as some introduction to Mindfulness meditation tracks.

How to Use Calm Scene downloads

This section describes how to use a visualisation of a Calm Scene in order to switch off your survival instinct when it triggers itself in inappropriate situations, thus giving you raised arousal and making you feel anxious.

In order for any Calm Scene visualisation to be effective in such a situation, you must first have practised it and taught your brain to associate that particular imagery with a feeling of calm and low arousal.

This is done by training yourself when you are not feeling under stress. I suggest that you choose the combination of the following Introduction and Calm scene downloads and play them to yourself every day for about two weeks. After that you will probably find that, when you picture your chosen scene in everyday situations, provided you actually give the visualisation your full attention for a moment or two, that it will calm you.

The effect will be greater if, as you visualise the scene, you also allow your body to go dead weight. There are two parts to a practise visualisation. The first part is the Introduction. This is designed to get your attention away from everyday and into the visualising state of mind.

I have recorded three different Introductions - staircase, chakra and cinema.

In order to download the mp3 file of any of these you must Right-click on the title (Ctrl-Click on Mac)

visualisation practice stone steps
visaualization practise chakras
introduction to relaxation cinema screen

Next you have a choice of three Calm Scenes - Garden, Beach and Woodland. Again download the one you prefer.

relaxation practice garden
calm scene visualisation beach
visualization of calm scene woodland

You then play the chosen Introduction immediately followed by the Calm Scene. You will have to set these to play in such a way that you don't have to get up between them but can simply continue listening from one to the next.

How to let go of unwelcome thoughts

As well as training your brain to reduce arousal whenever you picture your chosen Calm Scene, you can also use listening to these downloads to teach yourself to become aware of thoughts which you don't want to have, once you realise you're having them.

To train yourself to just move your focus away from unwanted thoughts instead, when you start to listen to the recording imagine yourself as a rag doll. If you're a rag doll you don't have a brain. Therefore you can't think… so what the track says, is.

But hardly anyone can get through even five minutes or so without having any thoughts at all because thinking too much is a bad habit we all learn too well. So while listening to this recording you may catch yourself comparing your performance OR trying to change the image in your head OR drifting off and wondering whether you paid the gas bill…

As soon as you become aware that you're thinking - even if you've been off for a while - you do what I call a mental shrug and instantly focus your mind back onto the recording wherever it's at. You don't get annoyed or frustrated or go back and start again. You simply refocus and carry on as if nothing's happened.

In time and with practice you will start to notice sooner when your mind wanders and will be able to move your focus back where you want it more easily.

Mindfulness Downloads

The following three tracks are a very basic introduction to the meditation technique used in Mindfulness. The aim in all of them is simply to be aware of the sensation being focused on - breath, touch or sound in this instance - but without the need to comment upon the experience in your thoughts. The practice teaches you to notice when you are either thinking having head conversations and to just place your awareness back onto whatever you are being mindful of.

With even short practices of maybe only half a minute at a time, you will become more adept at noticing those damaging head conversations and will be finding it increasingly easy to just move your mind away from them.

There are three tracks which describe being mindful of breath, touch and sound. 

To download Right-click on the title (Ctrl-click on Mac)

focus on breath meditation floating feathers
focus on touch meditation butterfly
focue on sound meditation bird singing at dawn

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