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What do you need to meditate?

Before I answer that I want to consider a tendency that I have noticed in myself over the years and with which many of you may be able to identify too.

From time to time I become enthused with a new craft or hobby and find myself eager to try it. So I buy what I think is the equipment I'll need.

But then I find myself constantly putting off actually starting anything. The new tools sit there, untouched  whilst I get on with all the chores I believe need to be done first in order to make time for me to indulge in this new activity. And time passes, the desire to do it doesn't fade  but I always manage to find something else that needs to be done first.

I don't know whether any of you recognise this in yourselves? I have analysed this behaviour and concluded that, in my own case at any rate, it's caused by a fear. This is a fear that, having got all the gear and images in my head as to how I want it to be, I will be disappointed.

I am afraid that this thing that I have so looked forward to, won't come up to my expectations in reality. So, in order to avoid fear of failure, I avoid starting. 

So, in case you have this "fear of being disappointed" habit like me, let me begin by saying:

You don't need any special tools in order to meditate!

You can just get on and do it!

If you've never meditated before just try it by downloading the three very brief FREE examples I offer HERE. (scroll down to the heading Mindfulness Downloads)

For those who have started and want to enhance their meditation practice, I have some recommendations.

The Guided Meditation Site

Audio tracks can be extremely helpful in meditation, especially in the early days. Guided meditation tracks relieve us of the need to think for ourselves (which is counter-productive) and make it far easier to just go with the flow.

The Guided Meditation Site offers a huge selection of such tracks as well as articles about what meditation is and how to go about meditating.

In addition to guided meditations the site offers music and other sounds.

As I have noted on the meditation pages, my own favourite is the deep sound of a bell named Henry being struck at intervals. There is a free sample of this bell on the Guided Meditation website under Music Downloads/Mindfulness Bells.

There are also many other products from guided meditation tracks to those which are just music - or bells.

The site also offers royalty free music for those who wish to create their own meditation audio.

Take a look - there's no charge for looking!

*(I am an affiliate for The Guided Meditation Site and receive a commission when someone buys their products through my recommendation. Nevertheless I have bought their products myself and wouldn't recommend anyting I wouldn't buy for myself)

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