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Read about my online course - Overcoming Anxiety: The Feelgood Way

Although all the information required to fully understand where anxiety comes from and how to go about overcoming it is available on this site, I know it's not easy to digest a lot of information in this way.

What we all want it for someone to feed it to us bit by bit.

That's just what this course will do!

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Who  might want to take this course?

I worked as a psychologist in the field of adult mental health for over 40 years. During that time I have treated hundreds of people with various anxiety-based problems - panic attacks, ocd, ptsd, phobias, etc. using the same approach taught on this course.

Anxiety-related problems are not caused by a virus or by a bodily system which you can do nothing about.

The truth with anxiety is that YOU are the only one who can actually change things because anxiety is related to our thinking habits and the way we perceive the world.

Therefore any treatment consists of teaching you what is going on and what to do about it.

Anyone who believes there is a magic pill or a treatment that someone else can do to you to cure it is misguided. True, some things may help for a while, but they don't usually last.

So, who might want to take this course?... YOU  
If you have struggled and battled for ages but are getting nowhere.
Now is the time for doing it The Feelgood Way.

This course is currently listed on Udemy for £70 but you can enrol from this site
for only £39

(That's less than a single session with a therapist and it offers all the steps you need to beat your anxiety)

Can you afford not to try it?

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Not sure yet?
So what does the course contain?

  • 39 lectures of which 35 are video lasting 4 hours in all. But you don't do them all at once! Since the course is teaching life skills, you take it one lecture at a time and incorporate what it teaches into your everyday life before going on to the next stage
  • Downloadable audio tracks for practising some of the techniques taught
  • Downloadable summaries of some sections of the course
  • An online discussion forum just for those taking the same course where you can share your progress and post questions
  • You do it at your own pace and in your own home
  • Once purchased Udemy promise a lifetime access to the course materials so there's no time limit

What if I find the course isn't for me?

The course is hosted by Udemy who are a well-respected company selling many different online courses and trainings. You are protected by their

30 day refund policy.

Why is it called "The Feelgood Way?"

In the course of my NHS work I treated many people who had previously received treatment elsewhere. Usually the reason it hadn't worked was either because

  • It expected the patient to do things that they weren't comfortable doing such as go somewhere or do something they feared and stick it out until the fear subsided. Although this would work, few people are able to stick it out long enough. And there are better ways.
  • They just didn't keep at it because whether had to do was too time-consuming or boring. Keeping thought diaries is one example of this or listening to long relaxation recordings.

I realised there was no point delivering a form of therapy - even though it was theoretically effective - if people weren't going to carry it out!

So I devised a program that wasn't scary, or tedious, or boring and which focused on positive things and progress rather than on what was wrong. I know it works because not only have I used it with hundreds of patients, I also used it to cure my own anxiety state and panic attacks (there is a download of my own story included on the course)

So I know this course works, provided you do what it says and keep progressing day by day, month by month, year by year...

Course Reviews

10 June 2015 : "I took about 15 anxiety courses on Udemy and I felt yours was the best. Your technique is really helping me and I agree that understanding the mechanics to anxiety has been critical to my success. Thanks a ton. You have made my life more fun and exciting." jp

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