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Would you love to have your own website or even your own online business?

I have chosen to write in more detail about this particular hobby as there is a great deal of misleading information about creating a website and, more importantly, making money from it.

If it's your "thing" then there are few homebased, indoor hobbies which are more satisfying (Model makers, stamp collectors, knitters etc may argue but then they aren't likely to be reading this as they're already engrossed in their chosen activities). I'm writing here for those who still have to find that creative outlet which will truly fill a gap in their lives.

I am focusing on website creation as a hobby or as a means of writing about a passion and wanting to share it.

It is possible to make a living from a website but that has never been my primary goal and if that is your intention then your focus would probably be slightly different from those websites which are created simply for pleasure.

How I got into websites

My interest in computers began in 1982 when the BBC ran a series entitled "The Computer Programme". Prior to that the concept of computing had been around punch cards and other similarly boring and time-consuming processes which never appealed.

But the idea of typing stuff onto a machine that responded in some way tweaked my curiosity. I bought one of the first BBC B computers and followed a simple course in programming it to deal a hand of cards. If I remember rightly it had a RAM of 32kb.

Very soon the limitations and tedium of programming caused me to lose interest in that but I then had an early Macintosh on which I started writing books. This was a fantastic change from having to type manuscripts because I could change and correct things to my heart's content.

Then the worldwide web appeared. I just couldn't get my head around this to begin with and marvelled at how anyone could come up with such an idea. But the lure of creatively combining writing and imagery with more flexibility than writing my published books soon endeared the idea of websites to me.

In the early days I had a few different websites on different topics but I never understood SEO and such matters and these sites were only built out of my curiosity to play around with the process of creation. 

Then one day I discovered SBI - quite by chance whilst reading about something else. So I looked further into it.

What is SBI?

SBI stands for "Solo Build It". It recently gave itself a facelift and changed its name to emphasise the fact that it helps create solopreneurs who want to make a living from their websites.

There are lots of website building companies out there so why do I use and recommend SBI?

Because I think it's the best - if I didn't think that then why would I be using it for not one, but two, sites? (I do, however, receive a fee for anyone who buys as a result of my recommendation)

I don't actively promote anything on this site that I don't believe in myself (Google ads being the exception as Google chooses the content in those). I built sites with other systems prior to finding SBI.

Get a feel for the sort of ordinary people, like you and I, who use SBI - watch the video

 Why SBI is the best if you want to build a website

1. SBI has a family feel about it. There are the forums where any problem will get a swift response either from another SBI-er or from the Support Team. It's also a unique place where all kinds of issues are discussed in an atmosphere of friendliness and with a will to help and inform.

2. If you have programming skills you can build a site, or part of a site, using these. If you have no programming skills at all or a nodding acquaintance with them (like me) you can use the supplied templates and adapt them easily to create the site you want.

3. All ongoing issues - such as changes in Google algorithms (I never used to know what these were either) - are spotted by the Support Team and advice given as to how to handle them. Any new requirements for sites are also taken care of and instructions as to how to manage them are given by the Team.

4. You are provided with masses of pages of information about setting up a site such as tips on establishing a presence on social media, technical advice about how to embed video, how to use keywords and how to find them - these are but the tip of a huge iceberg that just keeps on giving once you dive below the surface

5. Every new member is urged to follow the very comprehensive Action Guide step by step at their own pace so as to set up their site most effectively. There's a lot to learn so bit by bit is the way to go.

6. All the above... and more is included in the annual fee of $299 per annum or $29.99 per month. It also all comes with a money back guarantee so there's nothing to lose by trying it if it proves not be for you. Ok so it may not be the cheapest but it costs less than a packet of cigarettes a week or a couple of beers. Since when did cheap=good?

7. Just as I don't claim that overcoming anxiety can happen overnight, so too SBI make no claims about "get-rich-quick" as some other website builders do. Things that are worthwhile grow steadily and require the right kind of attention.

Although SBI promotes itself as a business-builder - and it can be a very successful one for those prepared to work at it - it is also a brilliant means to pursuing a website purely for pleasure.

8. You are never alone with an SBI site.

Why I Created Anxaid

Having discovered SBI I wanted to use its tools to create my website. I chose Anxaid for two reasons:

1. I knew a lot about it from both a personal and professional angle and I had things to say that weren't being said in mainstream mental health at the time. Nobody was explaining why anxiety arose as a means to understanding it. Only this way can sufferers be sure of applying the right techniques to get rid of it again. Instead it was all about putting a label on it (diagnosis) and then taking medication to numb the emotions. Alternatively there was CBT where you were encouraged to have even more head conversations with yourself!

2. I saw many patients in the course of my daily work who I knew would simply not remember everything I'd explained once they got home. So I created the website as a resource for them - somewhere both they and their loved ones might go to better understand what was going on.

Because I had created my website as a resource for my NHS work, at that time it wasn't ethical for me to try and sell or promote things that would bring in money through it. Since retiring from the NHS at the end of 2015, however, I have been more actively promoting my self help books and have also written an online course.

My Second Website

Since retiring I have been able to devote more time to my crafting passions. I have always sewn, knitted and painted as well as, in the past, having trained as a photographer and an astrologer.

So now I am creating a website about my passions. Like Anxaid, my new website also fulfils two aims:

1. Creatively writing about and illustrating aspects of my hobbies things I sew, knit, create, etc.

2. Providing a marketplace where I can attempt to sell my creations - not primarily to build a financially viable business but so as to find new homes for my products and recoup the costs of materials etc used in making them so I can then make more.

I might make a small profit along the way and if I do then that will be an added bonus.

If this page has prompted an interest or a curiosity about having a website of your own then why not go to the SBI site and find out more - there's lots more to find!


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